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REAL Atelier (”REAL”) is best described as a premium customization studio for luxury leather goods. REAL has begun to establish itself as a destination for brands seeking to elevate their product’s features through REAL’s premiere creative and customization techniques. The Miami-based atelier is led by Logan Real, a self-taught artist, who has been painting on luxury leather goods for over 10 years. His monogramming skills and custom painted artwork are coveted in the luxury leather goods industry, with works procured by such celebrities as Lebron James, Kendall Jenner, and Drake. Logan has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with many well-known global designers and brands, bringing his detailed artistry to the fashion world. His ambitions are to collaborate with progressive and innovative modern luxury brands while maintaining his artistic core values- simiplicity through detailed precision.

In 2017, REAL began developing its own private-labeled small leather goods collection. The decision to expand stems from the artist’s passion to deliberately create a luxury design house offering a full range of product categories like leather goods, apparel, footwear, and home decor. Currently, the brand is designing and producing (by hand) small leather goods at the studio and making them available online ( All products are embellished with the artist’s signature mosaic pattern. Each piece is signed “1/1 REAL” to ensure its authenticity. The brand will be expanding its product presence in select retail locations around the world starting Fall/Winter 2018, with a more extensive collection set to debut in Spring/Summer 2019.

Over the next few years REAL will continue to push significant expansion of both its custom services and branded products.



Picture by Mary Beth